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The Playscape WR site provides several search methods for you to locate information. Each method generates a report or listing that summarizes the result. Each report can link to additional reports that provide detail about the matches or related information. The types of reports include:

Search Results for a menu item, map search or search form
A listing displays several columns; the number of columns and the content depends on the section of the site you are viewing. If there are more entries in the listing than you can view on the screen, press the Page Down key or use the scroll bar to view more. The number of matches is listed at the top and at the bottom of the page (e.g. Displaying 1 to 50 of 192 Entries) and includes the number displayed per page; in this example, 50 are displayed per page. If there are more matches than are displayed per page you can view the next matches by clicking on the "Next Page" arrow immediately to the right of the number of matches. You can go to the last page of the list by pressing the "Last Page" arrow located to the right of the "Next Page" arrow.

The content of a column may be a link to more information. For example, if a column displays a name and that name is a link, you can select the link to display detail information about the name. When you have finished viewing a detail listing, select the topic link at the top of the page or click on your browser's "Back" button.

An image icon will also be a link to show addtional information. For example, you can select a map icon to display the location of the list item.

On any page you can return to the site's home page by choosing the "Home" link at the top of the page.

Search Results for a Keyword Search
The search results for a keyword search show the matches to your word or phrase ordered by the best match first. If there is an exact match, it will appear first. If the words in the phrase appear close together, those matches will be next. If all of the words are matched, those results will be next and finally if any of the words are matched those results will be listed also.

Other words that were matched in this search appear in the list at the top of the results page.

Detail for a match in a summary report
A detail report displays all of the related information for that entry.

When you have finished viewing a detail report for an agency or a program, select the the listing name link located at the top of the listing or choose the browser's Back button. On any page you can return to the home page for Career Services by choosing the "Home" link at the top of the page.

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